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Queensmead Primary Academy

House Teams


The names of the House Teams were developed in September 2010 with the pupils that were then part of the pupil voice at the Queensmead Primary Academy. As the school was known as Queensmead (there was for many years a crown in the school logo) the pupils wanted some link to this in the house names. We then chose to look at castles that were in the surrounding area and came up with the names we have to create the CROWN acronym!

Castles: Rockingham - Oakham - Warwick - Nottingham


Since developing the houses we have learned more about the place of Queensmead and its locality.  In working with partnership with English Heritage (through a funded project in 2012-2014) we now know that the land  the school sits on was once owned by the Hastings Family, descendants from the House of Plantagenet - and was directly owned by George (Duke of Clarence) the brother of King Richard III. We do not really know where the Queensmead name derives from but has been part of the academy (and predecessor school) name since 1926.

All we know is that the name derives from Queens Mead - as in the Queen's wine.  But which Queen?

House teams play an important role in the Academy: each child (and adult!) is placed in a house team on enrty to the Academy. Brothers and sisters are always in the same house team. Each week pupils are able to collect house points-  for producing excellent work , using superb manners and everything in between!

House Captains are voted for from within Year 6.

House points are then counted by the House Captains who announce the new totals in the Celebration Assembly each week. The winning House at the end of the year receive a trophy.

During the year there are several opportunities for learning which allow for each House Team to work together - Decorations Days and Sports Day encourage pupils to develop their sense of community. For these days, pupils are organised into house team groups with their siblings and learn with a teacher from the same house team.

There is healthy competition between the houses and pupils are always keen to earn House Points to help their House succeed.