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Queensmead Primary Academy

Maths Challenges

Could you be a Maths Detective?

Every month we set a new Maths challenge for pupils to take part in. Some of these can be done at home with their parents/carers. All entries need to placed in the box next to the Maths Detective display. 

Why not have a go with your child this month?

Don't forget to put your entries in the box before the deadline, or use the entry form opposite.

Due to the current situation with Covid-19, please submit your entry for this months challenge using the online Maths Challenge entry form on the top right of this page.
July 2021

What is the combined value of the dog, cat and rabbit?


Friday 9th July    
June 2021

What is the value of each shape?

Friday 25th June

The value of each shape is as follows:

Circle = 3

Star = 5

Triangle = 4

Congratulations to Romeo in Yr 4 who will receive a certificate and a prize.
May 2021

Friday 28th May  There are 10 different routes. Congratulations to Freya and Romeo in Year 4, they will both receive a certificate and a prize.
April 2021

How many rabbits can you see?

Extra Challenge: How many ears can you see?

Friday 23rd April There are 55 rabbits in this picture and 110 ears. Congratulations to Ashley in Year 4 who gave the correct answers to both questions. 
March 2021

How many tigers can you see in this picture?

Friday 26th March There are 16 Tigers in the picture.

Peter in Year 3 was the closest with an estimate of 12.

February 2021

How many pencils can you see?

26th February 2021 There are 72 pencils in the picture.

Congratulations to Balkeerat in Yr 4 and Mohammadjafar in Yr 1 who estimated correctly.

Also to two runners up who estimated 71 pencils, Imogen in Yr 3 and Oumar in Yr 1.

Certificates and prizes will be awarded w/c 8th March.

January 2021

How many squares can you see in the picture below?

Friday 22nd January 2021 There are 39 squares in the picture. The two closest estimates were Peter in Year 3 and Freya W in Year 4, who both estimated 21 squares. Both children will receive a certificate and a small prize after lockdown.
December 2020

Estimate how many snowmen there are in the picture. 

Just for fun: Can you find the panda?

Friday 18th December There are 187 snowmen in the picture.

Congratulations to Julia in Year 6 and Imogen on Year 3.

Also to Jagoda in Year 2 who correctly described the location of the panda.

November 2020

How many squares can you see?  Is this an odd or an even number?

Extra challenge:  How many squares would there be in a mat double this size?