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Queensmead Primary Academy


Reconnection Curriculum Statement: 

In light of the Covid Pandemic and the associated series of national lockdowns, we have developed our responsive ‘reconnection curriculum’ to support pupils once they return to face-to-face learning. 

Monitoring throughout the Autumn term clearly indicated that there were several areas in which the impact of lockdown could be seen: 

  • Phonics and early reading 
  • Oracy and breadth of vocabulary  
  • Spelling  
  • Reading comprehension 
  • Maths – basic recall of number facts/ gaps where units were missed 

A bespoke, responsive, recovery curriculum was developed to address these specific areas for pupils- the impact of the programme was clearly evident in the data for December 2020. 
In preparation for the return to school on March 8th 2021, a re-connection programme was planned to identify key gaps in learning to enable an effective response in terms of the core curriculum. Plans have been adapted to address the current needs of pupils, supporting both those for whom the lockdown has had minimal impact as well as those it has more adversely affected.  

Alongside this, our existing co-curriculum has been re-shaped to complement the core subject focus in order to further develop pupils’ character, resilience and relationships. 

Intent – Greenwood Academies Trust

GAT Primary Curriculum

Central to the curricula in our academies are the fundamental principles that a curriculum should be:

  • of quality
  • contextualised to reflect the community of the academy
  • developing core transferable knowledge and skills
  • securing progress in the core areas of reading, writing and mathematics
  • broad and balanced
  • meeting the expectations set out in the National Curriculum (2014)
  • exciting and engaging

We made the decision as a Trust not to centralise our approach to a curriculum or the schemes of work that are used to deliver that curriculum across our Primary academies.

As we work across a diverse number of regions our academies have the autonomy to craft and shape a curriculum that meets the requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 and the context of the community it serves. We ensure that it is fit for purpose through our quality assurance processes and annual academy performance review.

We encourage our academies, their leaders and teachers to be innovative and forward thinking in their approach to planning a purposeful curriculum. In order to achieve this we expect our academies to continually review the effectiveness of their curriculum.

You can read our Curriculum Statement by clicking here.

Queensmead Primary Academy

Here at Queensmead Primary Academy we offer an exciting and engaging curriculum which meets the needs of all our pupils.

As well as Reading, Writing and Maths, a range of curriculum subjects are taught through a thematic approach. For example, Year 1 all become 'Street Detectives' in their first geography topic which investigates our local area.

All topics begin with a 'hook' for learning which could be a trip, visitor or other event to set the scene for effective learning. Year 5 have already visited the seaside on their day trip to Hunstanton as a starting point for their 'Forces of Nature' topic.

Parents are fully informed about the content of the curriculum in our overview sheets which are sent home prior to the start of the topic. In this way we hope that parents are more fully able to support their child's learning at home.

If you would like any further details about how we plan, deliver and assess the curriculum then please contact the class teacher or Deputy Principals.

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